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Lac du Bonnet has a long and rich cultural heritage that is unique to Manitoba. Many communities in Manitoba owe their development and settlement of their lands by immigrant farmers. This has provided them with a rich agricultural heritage which has exemplified in local museums.


Lac du Bonnet is situated on the interface between the rich prairie lands and the Canadian shield. This has provided a rich diversity of immigrants to our community. Not only farmers came to Lac du Bonnet, but also lumberman, trappers, miners and merchants came to settle in Lac du Bonnet. They were also able to interact with the native aboriginal people they found in the area.


It is the goal of the Society to highlight these unique features in the Museum and on this website.


Benefits of Membership will include the following:
  • Unlimited access to the museum when it is open.
  • You are helping your community
  • You can if you want to participate in any board or committee meeting set up by the Historical Society.


If you are interested and we hope you are interested in joining the Museum Collection Team let us know. The Society could use some help completing forms, and sorting and moving inventory. Just let us know when submitting your Membership Reply Form.


Your continuing support of this museum project is very much appreciated. Sincerely, The Membership Committee


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Meeting Notices
Meetings: Second Monday of Every Month
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Town Office
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Upcoming Events

March 27 – Wool Carding at LdB Regional Library

March 28 – Easter Egg Painting at LdB Regional Library

May 19 – Museum Open House and Outdoor Market 10 am- 4 pm

June 2 – Swedish Celebrations TICKETS ARE LIMITED

July 1 – Canada Day Celebrations 10 am- 4 pm

September 1 – Heritage Day


Travelling Exhibits

For information on our Travelling Trunk Exhibits, please go to: Outreach / Marketing